Volvo Trucks organises a Hackathon Challenge
17-18 feb 2017

The Volvo Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, construction equipment and marine and industrial engines. We also provide complete solutions for financing and service. It is our vision to become the world leader in sustainable transport solutions - together we are shaping another future!
Volvo Trucks is market leader in Belgium in the heavy haulage segment. We are continuously driving progress and offer top notch innovations to our customers, both in products and in services. Everything is based upon our 3 core values: quality, safety and care for the environment.

Volvo Trucks Hackathon Challenge
We are organizing a hackathon challenge that students, alumni, startups or any developer can attend.

Make a difference
Connectivity is the new buzz word. But would you not like to create real working connected solutions? To be able to work with real and never before available truck data? And by doing so, help creating a real solution for transport issues?

We think that if you can develop a reliable solution that helps transport companies to understand and decrease their cost for transporting from point A to B, we can motivate them to organize their transport flows in a different way.
Maybe it would be better for them to drive at different times?
Maybe they could avoid schools and city centers in rush hours by driving on a different road with less stop and go, and thereby save fuel?
If they would know the cost of road tax in advance, they could choose to drive on a different road? Or maybe choose the toll road because at the end it would be cheaper?
Can we take traffic data into account and find solutions for less congestive and safer roads?
Do we have other possibilities for last mile transport?
Can you add safety as a goal of your solution?
Does IoT have some solutions?
Can we find solutions to make transport in the Port of Antwerp more efficient?
Can we develop a model that gives transporters both a better view on their costs and innovative connected possibilities to decrease their transport costs?

The Case
Our Volvo trucks provide useful data, that we expose today in our telematics solution “Dynafleet” But we are convinced that the data could also be useful in other applications, and that is why we are giving you an opportunity in this hackathon: to develop a “Route Cost Calculator” including the data provided by “Dynafleet”. The tool you will develop, if successful, will definitely help transport companies to get a better understanding and overview of their daily cost.
Next it is also a challenge for you to find new possibilities to decrease the daily transport costs for these companies.

Are you ready to accept the challenge and maybe also boost your career?

The Dynafleet real time vehicle and driver data need to be used in your application. You will find the API documentation under the ‘Data Providers’ header. The data can be enriched by more available datasets, which we will add on this website during the following months. Off course you are free to use other and more if you like.

To award the best ideas, the following criteria will be considered. You will have 5 min time to convince our jury with your ideas.

The jury will focus on ‘Proof of concept’:

  • Innovation: How innovative/creative is your solution?
  • Feasibility: Is it possible to bring your idea to the market / to build the application in real.
  • End user value: In which way will your idea benefit the end user?


  • 2 day trip to Volvo Trucks HQ in Gothenburg, Sweden, where you will discover the heart and soul of Volvo, meet interesting people and have fun
  • Start It @ KBC incubation
  • Our expertise to build a better solution
  • Goodies

During the closing ceremony, each team will present his proposal on the last day at 16:00 in max 5 minutes. A professional national - international jury will judge the best ideas and announce the 3 winners at 17:30.

Jury members:

  • Alexander De Croo - Federal Vice prime-minister and Minister of digital agenda - Open VLD
  • David Hanngren - Investment Manager – Volvo Trucks Venture Capital
  • Philippe Jacquemyns - Product Manager trucks - Volvo Trucks BELUX
  • Patrik Naenen – Manager of transport – Katoen Natie
  • Johan Rundberg - Product Manager Dynafleet - Volvo Trucks HQ
  • Lode Uytterschaut - Founder Start it @ KBC - Start it @ KBC
  • Lode Verkinderen - Secretaris Generaal – Transport & Logistiek Vlaanderen

Read more about the rules and conditions here > 

Practical Information

  • Multidisciplinary Teams, e.g. an engineer, developer, economist, ITS specialist, transportation specialist, …
  • You can join as individual or as a team (Min 18 years –…)
  • Date: 17-18 February 2017
  • 32 hours: start Friday 17/2/2017 at 10:00 - end Saturday 18/2/2017 at 18:00
  • There will be some workshops during the event.
  • Based on data from API Volvo Trucks and other available datasets.
  • Location: KBC, Boerentoren, Schoenmarkt 35, 2000 Antwerp
    Easily accessible by public transport or car
  • Hosted by KBC StartIt

Data providers

More information

If you want to know more about this hackathon event, please contact Pieter De bruyn

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