Volvo Trucks Hackathon Challenge
Rules and Conditions


  • Participants are required to build a digital prototype/Proof of concept of their idea.
  • They can use any IT tool.
  • All participant groups have created the outcome by themselves. What means each group holds all intellectual property rights and is not dependent on third parties.
  • Each participant group is responsible for not violating third party’s rights.
  • Organization reserves the right to exclude participants.
  • No assurance, that the result of the winning team will be implemented by Volvo Trucks.
  • If none of the teams can deliver a result of high enough quality, the organization can decide to not award a prize.
  • The organization doesn’t award a prize for ideas they already have in their innovation/telematics process.


  • Free participation.
  • The winner will be selected based on different criteria:
         Proof of concept
         o Innovation: How innovative/creative is your route cost calculator?
         o Feasibility: Is it possible to bring your idea to the market?
         o End user value: In which way will your idea benefit the end user?
  • If ex aequo, the jury will first look to your number of points within 'End user value'. If still ex aequo, we will look at 'Feasability' and if still the same number of points we will look at the 3rd criterion 'Innovation'.
  • Only proposals received before the deadline (30h) can participate in the competition.
  • Participating groups who haven’t followed all the rules and guidelines will be excluded from the competition.
  • The winning team will get a prize – other participants will receive a merchandise package.
  • All teams will still hold the intellectual property rights.
  • Volvo Trucks has the option to support the development of the winning solution during the following year.
  • The winning results will be published by the organization on the event website.
  • The winning results will get exposure on Social Media channels by Volvo Trucks.


  • You must be 18 years or older.
  • Open participation in multidisciplinary teams.
  • Fill in the subscription form on the Volvo Trucks Hackathon Challenge website.
  • One central case – Route Cost Calculator.
  • You get 30 hours to develop a Proof Of Concept.
  • All material will be in English.
  • The Volvo Trucks API need to be used in your solution.
  • You will use your own PC/development playground and we will provide Credentials for the API.
  • It is allowed to use other API’s and datasets, which are not mentioned under the ‘Data Provider’ website on the Hackathon website.